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Every year our ArtWorks program supports more than 300 of Denver's young people with disabilities transitioning out of high school by providing economic opportunities through the arts. Our artists are introduced to a wide variety of accessible art media and techniques that allow them to explore contemporary styles, contributing to gallery shows throughout the year.

ArtWorks artists work on their technique and build job skills through a series of workshops and professional development opportunities led by teaching artists and professional mentors while receiving financial compensation for their time and work.

ArtWorks artists earn money through selling their works in our shows, art shop, pet portrait commissions, corporate commissions, art-o-mat, special events, and more.

meet the artworks artists


how we work

hard facts

People with disabilities are at a disadvantage when it comes to options for work, college and other post-high school options.


Nearly 70% of people with disabilities in the US are unemployed with the majority of our artists currently living at or below the poverty line.

take art-action

Make an impact. Buy some art. We're producing every traditional style and styles no one's ever seen before. We love a good canvas, but not discriminating is kinda our thing, so we're makin' art outta just about everything. And, supplies cost hard monies so we get equally excited about straight-up cash donations.

be an artworks artist

Access Gallery ArtWorks program serves people with disabilities who are interested in creative, educational, social and economic opportunities through the visual arts. We primarily serve individuals who are eligible for Program Approved Services Agency (PASA) based services. For those who are not PASA eligible, admission is determined on a case-by-case basis.

step one

Individuals that are interested in participating begin the process by contacting their caseworker.


step two

The caseworker then contacts our Programs Coordinator to set up a meet and greet tour of Access Gallery at 303-777-0797 or


step three

If you are interested in participating in ArtWorks, you fill out an application and attend an interview.

step four

Upon acceptance, the first three months of enrollment are a trial period. This gives the artist an opportunity to fully integrate into the programs and determine if there's a good fit.

step five

After the trial period, artists who have shown a commitment to building the skills and experiences necessary to be a successful visual arts entrepreneur may be selected to become` ArtWorks artists.


Limited spots are available.

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