Brittany is a self-taught artist who has been with Access Gallery since 2005, joining the gallery through an internship program at her high school. Smart and determined, Brittany is no stranger to adversity. Living with cerebral palsy and limited resources, Brittany has created her own business called Brittany’s Accessories, through which she creates a variety of art including her pony bead accessories. When asked why she works with pony beads, she responds, “They are simply the most affordable bead I can buy.” Her interest in beads was sparked in high school when she was asked to create a work of art inspired by the Yoruba people. Brittany was mostly influenced by the meaning and history of their beadwork. Brittany is a mixed media artist. She works with imagery from DC Comics and Marvel. These images trigger childhood memories of watching cartoons with her brother. She and her boyfriend, who is blind, stand together as advocates for people with disabilities. Brittany was born and raised in Denver and is currently represented by Access Gallery.

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