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Commission Your Pet Portraits from ArtWorks Artists

Pets are an invaluable part of our family— and a commissioned portrait is a great way to display your enduring love for them. We can paint any animal that you choose. Our artists use their creative talents and unique styles to interpret the photo and best capture your pet’s personality and flair.

Individuals can commission any one of our artists to paint a portrait of their pet. This is also the perfect gift for any animal lover. 


The goal of these commissions is to develop, implement and support arts-integrated education and employment programs for artists with disabilities. The portraits are as diverse as the artists that created them. Each has a personality and a style all their own.

We love all animals and as an inclusive organization, we do not discriminate. You can commission a portrait of your dog, cat, hamster, bird, etc. . Our artists are encouraged to use their creative talent, therefore understand that the painting you are ordering will be an interpretation of your photograph.

Simply provide a picture of your pet that you would like our artists to paint. Come into the gallery or browse our online album, then give us your top three choices of artists. All portraits take approximately two weeks to complete.


  • Additional pets (or other beings) are $10 each.

  • Larger pieces are available for an additional fee.

  • Shipping not included: Free - pick it up at Access Gallery, $25 for standard size, $50 for larger sizes.

  • Payments:  We accept credit cards, check, or cash payments. 50% deposit required at the time of purchase. No refunds for commissioned pieces.