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Diego Perez del Angel, aka DPA, was born in Matamoros, Mexico, and arrived in Denver when he was two years old.

No one knows exactly what he specializes in. He has an interest in multiple things, but never showed it in his art. What we know is that his interest in art stems from the fact that he had no other choice. He wishes to become an animator one day.

He has conflicts and has a grudge toward negative and pessimistic comments and wishes to be guided towards happiness in himself.


Diego's Art

Artist Statement

The earliest form of my art was in elementary school. I once made repetitive drawings of a house. My art began with exploration. I like to try out new ideas for the same concept and build worlds. To visualize what things may look like and to show it to the public. It’s also fun and helps me pass the time. I work in pencil sketches, clay, and Illustrator to make objects, plants, aliens, environments, and characters.

I like to try out new ideas for the same concept and build worlds. 

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