Virtual Exhibition - March 2020

The contemporary idea of paperwork has taken on a lot of meanings depending on your perspective, as a nonprofit paperwork usually entails filling out grant reports or chasing receipts. For our student artists their time sheet is still a piece of paper, but one that provides a resource for funding to promote their artistic ability and opportunities. At Access Gallery the idea of work and art are two sides of the same coin, as we strive to provide economic opportunities for artists with disabilities. For the month of Printmaking we partnered with The Arts Student League of Denver to participate in a residency where we would use their printmaking facilities, which provided the students a unique experience creating prints at a larger size. Over the course of 9 weeks the student artists were presented with a variety of printmaking techniques. The idea was to create a body of work that might reflect the aesthetics viable to a business or corporation so that they would be able to purchase these prints or be inspired to commission an edition of prints. Incorporated into some of the prints we adhered pieces of receipts, and random bits of paper that would otherwise be discarded. 


Recognizing the nature of printing is changing we included our recent foray into 3d printing, Andre Rodriguez our digital artist used our 3D printers to create pieces designed to help people with limited dexterity in their hands as well as pieces that are inspired and created by some of our artists. The Studio Space will present another intersection of works on paper, using graphic design our students were charged with designing labels for a beer bottle, and a poster for a 50th anniversary event for our good friends at the National Sports Center for the Disabled. 


We hope you have as much fun discovering printmaking as we did and if you are in the market for new artwork or logo design we hope you will keep us in mind. 

All pieces are available for purchase via our online store.

All pieces can be shipped or picked up locally.