Commission Your Pet Portrait!

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pet portrait vertical4.jpg
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Pets are an invaluable part of your family, and a commissioned pet portrait from Access Gallery is a great way to display your enduring love for them! We can paint any animal that you would like. Our artists combine their unique styles and talents to interpret a photo that you provide to best capture your pet’s personality and flair.


Simply provide a picture of your pet that you would like our artist to paint.


11in x 14in Portrait of one pet - $80


Additional pets (or other beings) + $10 each

Larger pieces are available for an additional fee.

Shipping not included. $25 for standard size, $50 for larger sizes


Payments can be made through our online store or in person at 909 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204. We accept credit card, check, or cash payments. 50% deposit required at time of purchase. No refunds for commissioned pieces.

Visit our Facebook Photos to see individual artist styles if you would like to request a specific artist to create your pet portrait.

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