Poster Show

Virtual Exhibition - June 2020

Since the 1960’s the poster has become a legitimate and powerful tool in the areas of social justice and education about issues in the world. Giving Voice is a program designed to empower youth living with disabilities to give voice to a social cause that is important to them whether it is a personal experience, frustration, hope or a global issue. Working together with a professional graphic designer, they have the opportunity to express something that is significant to them, and, more importantly, have someone listen. 


Since 2005, this yearly program occurred during the summer program. This year Giving Voice, renamed Virtual Voice started in May and all meetings and mentoring was done through the use of virtual tools.


You can purchase posters online or email to schedule a time to come to the gallery to see the poster show as well as Home.HOPE! exhibit
in person.


Home.HOPE! is art inspired by the stay at home order featuring 25 artists and screen printed by Ink Lounge. The proceeds from this show directly benefit the artists and Access Gallery. Access Gallery artists AJ, Allie, Brittany and Nicole are featured in
this exhibit.

Adam and Harry


When I first met Adam I was somewhat surprised by his deep awareness,  empathy and passion around all that is going on in the world today. This poster was art directed by Adam in our very first meeting. I was amazed by the clarity of his direction. “Harry the world is on fire and if we don’t act now there are going to be real consequences”. He went on to enumerate a myriad of human crises going on globally beyond just Covid -19 and racial unrest that weigh heavily on him. I attempted to harness that passion and diversity of cause for alarm in our poster. Adam is truly a caring, articulate soul that when harnessed is capable of being a conduit for positive change. Plus he makes the most amazing 3D printed “critters”.

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Adonis and Amy


Even before the first session of Virtual Voice Adonis knew
what he wanted to convey, the impact of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation. He provided me with an abundance of research and links to the most current statistics. One of the most shocking is that if the Navajo Nation were a state, it would have the highest rate of coronavirus cases per capita in the
United States. 


Chronic underfunding of the health system and infrastructure from electricity, plumbing to water supplies as well as limited access to healthy food all inflame the COVID epidemic for the Navajo Nation. There are high rates of diabetes, asthma, cancer and other issues that make people on the reservation more vulnerable to the disease. Some of those health issues are the result of more than 500 abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation.


Many homes are multi-generational as well, making it easier for the virus to spread to elderly and vulnerable residents. How can you wash your hands multiple times a day if you don’t have running water?

Purchase Adonis & Amy's Poster - $20

Alejandro and Allison


Alejandro wanted to create an environmental message, showing how seemingly unimportant actions can have a big impact on our planet. He was particularly interested in ocean life, as it is a vast ecosystem that is largely invisible and unknown to humans. 


While researching ocean pollution for the poster, I learned a lot about how big the problem is. One of the striking facts was that if things continue as they are today, there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish by 2050!


Alejandro chose the simple image of the turtle stuck in plastic to show how our lives directly impact the environment. In contrast, Alejandro wanted to emphasize a more optimistic message--that we have the power to create positive change in our everyday lives.

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Allie and Julie


Allie and I were excited about a few topics this year for Giving Voice; after much discussion we ultimately landed on tackling “World Hunger” and “Delivering Kindness to All” as our two-in-one topic. Given the current climate, people are struggling even more to gain access to healthy, nutritious food; and are at an all-time low when it comes to receiving love and kindness from their peers and fellow humans. With this poster, we hope to deliver a message of helping those in need of food, while also delivering kindness and love to their doorsteps.

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Brittany and Madison


Brittany and I shared the strong belief that everyone should have self-love, which was the main driver for this design. Brittany’s love for nature was expressed in the texture of the background which symbolizes personal development while on this journey of self-love. Developing and maintaining this self-love is filled with ups and downs-it’s not always as easy as it sounds. It is a matter of telling yourself often that your self-worth is not defined by others and that it is okay to love who you are! 

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Chanter and Andre


Chanter and I have known each other for a year and have worked on designs together in the past during Chanter’s graphic design internship at Access Gallery. Chanter at his core is a good-hearted, kind-loving soul. Chanter comes from a Native American background and we wanted to incorporate this aspect into our Virtual Voice poster design.


With this in mind, I combined my curiosity of land ownership and destruction as it particularly relates to fracking in the search of oil. Upon further research, I found an organization called “Defend the Sacred” from Alaska who take justice seriously especially for Native Americans. According to their website, Defend the Sacred is “an Alaskan movement to boldly uplift our sacred connection to each other, the earth, and all living beings.” The finished poster design features an earth in the shape of a heart with an oil rig used in oil fracking on top. The earth-heart is dripping tears of oil in sadness of the destruction happening beneath the surface of the earth where raw oil is found. “Defend the Sacred” is found at the bottom of the poster accompanied by a pink background to bring heartfelt emotion into the discussion of this issue.

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Jareth and Carrie

I was thrilled to be paired with Jareth! We had our first meeting via Zoom and it was very productive. He shared some initial thoughts about strong, historical leaders in the world. As we talked more, he shared some ideas on qualities that make up an effective leader. This poster represents the qualities leaders of the past and leaders of our future should all encompass.  

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Jocelyn and Daisy


From first meeting Jocelyn, even virtually, we immediately hit it off. She was open-hearted and loving. She shared her experiences with her family, her artwork, her friends. We bonded over our love for drawing and our families. In particular, the mutual love of our moms. We shared with each other how special that connection is to each of us and how it has helped us grow into the people we are today. 


This poster was designed in memory of Jocelyn’s late mom whom passed from breast cancer last year. Jocelyn made it a point to make sure the poster brought awareness to Breast Cancer. She drew three different flowers merging into butterflies– Jocelyn’s mother enjoyed flowers and butterflies very much. Those flowers have been turned into angel wings placed behind the picture of her mother in her loving memory.


Working on this project with Jocelyn has been rewarding in
so many ways but the most rewarding is to have gotten a
new friend. 

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Matt and Kacie


I had the pleasure of working with Matt to develop a poster that speaks to everyone. The message is simple but very powerful: Be Kind to All. Matt was driven by three different inspirations: (1) Paula Scher's type collage posters (2) His character, Soundwave (3) and the notion of being kind to everyone. Matt says "I think it is important to be kind because it helps people accomplish great things. Being kind helps people to have good relationships. It is nice to be around
kind people!" 

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Nicole and Gretchen


When Nicole and I talked, she told me a story about a neighbor who helps her by mowing the grass in her backyard. Especially with everything going on in the world today, her story spoke to me about the small acts of kindness we can do for others and how they’re more important than ever.


Having seen Nicole’s work and point of view over the last few years, she always looks at the bright side of every situation. Her positive outlook and focus on kindness makes her a wonderful person to work with!

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