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99 Pieces of Art 2024

99 Pieces of Art
99 Pieces Logo.jpg
The gallery will open doors at 6:00 p.m. MST 

First come, first served. 

All pieces are 10" x 10"

September 13, 2024

6:00 p.m. MST - 8:30 p.m.

Join us for an exciting evening featuring 99 different artists from our community. Tickets are just $9.99! Artwork will be on sale for $99.

About this event

99 Pieces of Art on the Wall is Access Gallery’s biggest event of the year! The evening features 99 different artists from our community, from nationally-renowned artists to artists who are showing their work for the very first time. 

One thing that makes this event special is that at least 20% of the works on the wall are created by artists with disabilities. The exhibit includes many works from our Access Gallery artists and each piece is for sale for just $99. Our goal is to keep this event affordable and accessible to all. 


Tickets are on sale now for $9.99 each! Tickets include admission, food, and beverage. 

99 Artists
99 Artworks
$99 Each

Robin Whatley

Seth Deighan

Shari Rosenberg

Skylar Kosciuch

Stephen Esparza

Stu Alden

Taiko Johnson

Tony Ortega

Tristan Townshend

Tyler Son

Valerie Christy

Victoria Adams-Kotsch

Victoria Eubanks

...and more! 

2024 Artists:


AJ Kiel

Alexander Scott

Aliki McCain

Allegra Mangione

Alli Gestner

Allison Heistand

Alonzo Clemons

Amy Siegel

Andre Rodriguez

Annette Coleman

Barb Jack

Becc Mace

Blossom Perez

Brandon Stoll

Brittany Murdock

Brook Lynn

Caden F

Carly Zimmerman

Carrie Makenna

Cecil Brown

Chloe Aubin

Chloe Heglin

Craig Rouse

Danny Seaton

Denise Richardson

Dez Merworth

Dill Phoenix

Drew Austin

Edward Salgado

Elke McGuire

Elliott Collins

Elyse Lani

Enchanted Dichotomy

Erik Dossier

Erin Jones

FuMei Sorteberg

Heather Hayes

Irfhan Moloo

Jaida Cummings



James Mullane

Jan Bannister

Jareth Charles

Javier Flores

Jeff Russell

Jennifer Keelan

Judith Berquist

Karen Wharton

Katherine Robert

Kathleen Sherman

Kathy Hall

Kelly Craighead

Kim Wardlow

Kyle Garlock

Lamecia Landrum

Lauren Katz

Libby Garon

Lindsey Jaffe

Lorne Threlkeld

Louis Trujillo

Mark Friday

Mary Langewisch

Maryann Nilsen

Matt McLane

Matt Sesow

Maya Son

Megan Harrigan

Megan McCarthy

Michael Agyepong

Mikelle Learned

Mikey Uphoff

Nancy Rourke

Natalie Zanecchia

Nicky Alden

Nicole Vanston

Niza Knoll

Paula Cuevas

Rick Dallago

Riley Kilgannon

Chris Haven board.jpeg

Chris Haven

Allie Gestner board.jpeg

Allie Gestner

Rick Dallago board_edited.jpg

Rick Dallago

Niza Knoll board_edited.jpg

Niza Knoll

FuMei Sorteberg board_edited.jpg

FuMei Sorteberg

Nancy Rourke board.jpeg

Nancy Rourke

Taiko Chandler board.jpeg

Taiko Chandler

Kt Allen board.jpeg

KT Allen

Robin Whatley board.jpeg

Robin Whatley

Artworks from our 99 Pieces 2023 Event.

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99 Pieces!

Show your business's support for artists with disabilities by becoming a sponsor today! Lead sponsorships start at $500. Learn more about our lead sponsorship levels with benefits here! 

Email for more info.



Are you an individual who is passionate about supporting Access Gallery? Become an Access Gallery member for $99 with exclusive benefits including a ticket to 99 Pieces of Art 2024.

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