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get a piece from the art-o-mat

Art-O-Mat making the art scene one piece of original pocket-sized art at a time.

The Access Gallery Art-O-Mat is a retired cigarette vending machines converted to dispense original and affordable art, making pieces personal and approachable.


The original Art-O-Mat® was developed in the 1990s to encourage art consumption by expanding access to artists’ work. Now there are more than 100 active Art-O-Mat machines across the country.

The Access Gallery Art-O-Mat is an easy funky way to start your art collection for just $5.

Not only is the machine fun and slightly addicting (although much less than cigarettes) – it aligns perfectly with Access Gallery’s drive to make art accessible to everyone! The pocket-sized artworks are great mementos, affordable pieces, and meaningful decor. Our machine features works from our ArtWorks artists that learn to create sellable art and view their pieces as an economic opportunity.

Access Gallery's Art-O-Mat is supported by the Alison Wera-Smith memorial fund.

our first Art-O-Mat
circa Aug. 2011

Oh man did we have fun with our first Art-O-Mat machine that was painted by LA graffiti artist Hieronymus.

Special shout out to Denver artist Russ Wright | The Artist Road Trip for the video feature. He also has been a volunteer teaching artist, 99 Pieces artist and amazing advocate for Access Gallery for more than 10 years. 

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