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It's a Wrap

An immersive installation of soft sculpture

IFeel Monsters: A community project in collaboration with Access Artist Enchanted Dichotomy

Giving Voice: Anti-Bullying Posters designed by our Summer Interns


First Friday Art Walk: October 6 & November 3, 2023 from

6 PM - 9 PM

Meet the Artists: Friday, October 20 & November 17, 2023 from

6 PM - 8 PM

On View: October 6 through November 17, 2023

Free and open to the public.

It’s a Wrap is an immersive installation of soft sculptures created by Access Gallery artists during a 7 week residency with artist Nicole Banowetz. Exploring the idea of wrapping, binding, and covering, this exhibition is inspired by one of the most famous outsider artists, Judith Scott, whose fantastical soft sculptures were created in a Progressive Art Studio similar to Access Gallery's called Creative Growth. Artists also took inspiration from Christo and Jeanne Claude, Sheila Hicks, and Anton Alverez.


Nicole’s approach to teaching the artists began with exploring imagery from the microscopic world and nature. The group was drawn to imagery from deep underwater, and to the cyclical concepts of light and dark or life and death. They all worked together to create armatures within these themes using recycled materials which they bound together with masking tape. Finally they were re-wrapped, bound, and covered with a variety of fabrics and string. 


Participating Artists: DILLPhoenix, Heather H., Jareth J. Charles,

and Skylar K.

IFeel Monsters is a community project inspired by soft sculptures created by Enchanted Dichotomy. Last spring Enchanted Dichotomy began teaching the process of making the monsters to other artists, Access staff, and volunteers during biweekly workshops: first how to make the stuffed body on a round knitting loom, next how to add hair, and finally adding a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other using various crafting hardware. 


Enchanted Dichotomy first created an IFeel Monster at an eating disorder treatment center where a peer taught them how to loom knit beanies. They then used their new skill to turn the beanie into a stuffie with one side depicting simply "I’m okay" the other side "I’m not okay." After a loving response from their friend and from the other patients, Enchanted Dichotomy began to make IFeel Monsters individualized to each person.


All of the IFeel Monsters will be gifted to a person who has been affected by bullying. This is in collaboration with The Bullying Recovery Resource Center,a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the resources, education and advocacy needed to stop bullying and stem the long-term effects that bullying has on its targets.


Enchanted Dichotomy states, “When we are bullied our voice can be silenced. It takes time for us to find our voice again or simply remember that we have one in the first place.”


In addition, Enchanted Dichotomy invites visitors to Access Gallery to contribute to a community installation commenting on the issue of bullying. Participants can write notes, draw a sketch, or create a button to add to the project. Everybody will then be invited back for the closing reception on November 17 to retrieve their note and to witness the inspiring moment when Enchanted Dichotomy sends each of the IFeel Monsters to their new home.


Giving Voice is a program designed to empower youth living with disabilities to give voice to a social cause. The theme this year is bullying and the participants were asked about their personal experience, frustration, or hope about the topic. Working with a professional graphic designer, interns had the opportunity to experience being a client. They directed the design by sharing their thoughts about bullying while the designers listened closely to their stories and encouraged the bravery in their voices. These posters are the powerful results of the collaboration.

Since 2005, Access Gallery and AIGA Colorado have collaborated on this annual poster design program. The program matches graphic designers and teen artists with disabilities for a multi-session poster design and mentoring workshop, which culminates in a gallery exhibition.

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Current Exhibit

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