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Meet The Artists

FuMei Sorteberg

Open for Commissions

When FuMei was living in an orphanage in China she sometimes spent her time drawing. Then when she came to America her older sister taught her how to draw. When she got older she took some art classes. FuMei enjoys creating art that she loves and also trying new techniques and learning new things. The media that she enjoys most is graphic design, painting and also line drawing. Her favorite subjects to draw and paint are architecture, nature, animals, and anime. In her free time she explores photography and travels around the world.

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FuMei's Art

Artist Statement

FuMei Sorteberg enjoys making art because she likes creating things that look beautiful. Her process usually involves drawing pictures and scanning them into Adobe Illustrator where she adds color to each design. When painting, she uses photographs as a resource and finishes each composition using sharpies to outline the subjects. She also really likes watercolor painting because you can make a mistake and correct it easily. When asked, “What does your art mean to you?” FuMei stated, “My art shows me I can be creative in my own ways.” She hopes that her art can inspire many people around the world.


My art shows me I can be creative in my own ways.

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