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Meet The Artists


Nicole Vanston

Access Gallery Artist since 2011

Open for Commissions

Nicole Vanston began making artwork in high school by taking general art classes and ceramics to learn the fundamentals of light, value, and shape. Her signature subject matter is dragons, dragon worlds, and dinosaurs that she depicts through paintings, fiber art, and walking sticks. She takes inspiration from her self-led study through books, movies, life experiences, and her imagination. Her biggest influence is her Nana who was a painter and left Nicole with sketchbooks and pieces of art.


Nicole's Art

Artist Statement

I like to do my artwork and try my best to do my best. I keep doing my artwork. I’m proud of doing my art. People see my artwork and they like it. If they like it, they will be proud of me. My mom gets proud of me. If someone likes my artwork, they want me to teach them how to do some of the art I like. I like inspiring other people. 


I keep doing my artwork. I’m proud of doing my art.

Access Gallery Rainbow Accent.png
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