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Come visit our newly-remodeled gallery!

Our longtime partner Gensler, began designing a refresh of the gallery in early 2020. They did not let a pandemic stop them from helping us demo the rolling walls in August 2020 to open up the space and organize supplies to get ready for the remodel.

PMG Construction jumped on board along with their millwork sub Colorado Artisan to offer to build out the Gensler design. They donated much of their time and materials.

Sjotime Industries fabricated the retail wall and their supplier Austin Hardwoods donated the materials. Graphicworks fabricated and installed the new signage. Our digital lab and studio chairs were donated by Workplace Resource. Interior Environments provided our studio tables and digital lab task chairs. The Stone Collection donated the studio table and storage space. Bolon and Diaz Group provided the flooring for the digital lab.

Thank you to the design and construction team for the beautiful remodel of our gallery!

Come check out the remodel in person and if you can't make it in, take a virtual 3D tour at this link.

Photo of wooden wall gallery shop with pieces from our artists available for purchase.

An artist at the newly-remodeled reception desk

Artists in Studio Space

Newly-remodeled Storage Shelves

Artists in Digital Studio Space

Gensler Team with Artists

Newly-remodeled Gallery and Studio Space

Previous Art Storage

Previous Gallery Space

Thank you to our donors:

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