Events and Programs
at Access Gallery

We are a community of artists with disabilities. We provide ongoing support for artists to deepen their practice in a safe studio community. We offer a slate of formal and informal opportunities for people to create and develop as artists. We work to identify individual strengths and interest and tailor a plan for artists to explore as much or as little at they want. 

Individuals that are interested in participating in our various community art based programs can begin the process by contacting their case worker who then can contact our Programs Coordinator at 303-777-0797 or email at to set up an introduction to the Gallery.


After the introduction, if you are interested in participating in one of our programs, we ask that you fill out an application and attend an interview. Upon acceptance, the first three months of enrollment are a trial period. This gives an opportunity to fully integrate into the programs and determine if one is a good fit. Upon a positive completion of the trial period, we will meet to talk about establishing your personal goals, as they relate to your work at Access Gallery.