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Damon McLeese

Executive Director

Damon McLeese has been the Executive Director of Access Gallery for over 20 years and is a speaker, trainer, activist, consultant, coach, mentor, and community artist. Damon specializes in unlocking the creative power of people regardless of their background—teaching those with Alzheimer’s and dementia how to do street art, developing photography projects for the blind, and hiring students with disabilities to create corporate art commissions. Working at the intersection of art and ability, Damon is passionate about opening avenues of community by providing an innovative, collaborative space where all viewpoints can be both shared and valued. In 2019, Damon was an honoree for the Arts and Society Award from Bonfils Stanton Foundation and featured on Channel 4 CBS Denver. He also received the Governor’s Award for Creative Leadership in 2017, as well as the Mayor’s Award for Innovation of the Arts in 2016. Under his leadership, Access Gallery continues to grow and expand exponentially as it increases awareness of the artistic gifts individuals with disabilities have to offer.

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Cris Ciani

Associate Director

Cris has been the Associate Director of Access Gallery for 15 years, and brings her skills in education, nonprofit management and public relations to help people who are living with a disability. Prior to joining Access Gallery, Cris was the Executive Director of Jeffco Volunteer Caregivers, an organization that provides services for seniors and people with disabilities so that they can continue living independently. Cris is a native of Colorado, and attended Columbine High School before double majoring in Speech Communication and Nonprofit Management at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

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Amy Siegel

Marketing & Sales Specialist

With over 30 years of experience in the corporate realm of design, Amy transitioned into the nonprofit world in January 2020 to work for Access Gallery. Her main focus is marketing, sales, and design. Responsibilities include promoting and increasing art sales of both commissioned-based artwork as well as individual artists. Amy also collaborates with potential corporate and community partners, helping and working to gain both internal and external networks.

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Javier Flores

Studio Artist - Printmaking

Javier was born and raised in Denver, and received his B.F.A. in painting from the Metropolitan State University of Denver and his M.F.A. in printmaking from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He is a visual artist that has worked at Access Gallery for seven years.

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Andre Rodriguez

Studio Artist - Digital Media

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Rebecca Petty

Artist Mentor

Andre has been the tech-savvy Digital Teaching Artist at Access Gallery since 2014. Andre loves art of all mediums and specializes in creating and teaching digital arts, including graphic design and videography.

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Jake Fairly

Teaching Artist - Comics 

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