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Niza Knoll

Niza Knoll was born in Haifa, and as a child lived in Vienna, Paris, and Montreal, before settling in a diverse immigrant neighborhood in New York. “Throughout my life I have had to learn to express myself in many languages and adapt to a mix of cultures. I believe this need to discover and create various ways to communicate pushed me to become a multi-disciplinary artist. I seek out and study different media—acrylic and oil, photography, graphic design, stone, clay and motion art—constantly in search of the form, or combination of forms, that will best allow me to express myself. Currently I am attempting to paint in the abstract, which I find daunting. I find it difficult not to tell a story or depict an image. It is an ongoing process which I will continue to explore.” In 2008 Niza opened her gallery in the Art District on Santa Fe. Niza Knoll Gallery, celebrating its eighth year, specializes in intriguing conceptual exhibits. The gallery, located at 915 Santa Fe Drive in Denver‘s Art District on Santa Fe, hosts first and third Friday events, monthly salons, private concerts and guest speakers. Past exhibits have included unusual artist pairings, outsider art, collaborative work, thought provoking thematic exhibits of artists using non- traditional media.

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