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Colfax Strong 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The Adventures of Traffic Light Head Dude on Colfax - Northeast corner of Colfax and Downing.

This piece is a collaboration between two of our artists – AJ and teaching artist Josiah Lopez. AJ is a fixture at Access Gallery and is one of our most prolific and mobile artists. It is not unusual for AJ to travel 20 or more miles any day. He seems to intuitively know bus routes, has a fascination with trains and will stop whatever he is doing when a large truck rolls past him. AJ creates wonderful characters from his imagination and his exploits around Denver. Over the years AJ has developed a signature character we lovingly call “traffic light head dude”.

In stark contrast to AJ’s frenetic energy, his hopping from place to place and task to task, Access Gallery teaching artist Josiah Lopez is a composed, well known muralist in Denver. Josiah’s quiet nature and gentle approach has allowed him to reach some of our most spirited students.

Portrait of Wade Blank by Javier FloresSouthwest corner of Logan and Colfax.

This power box is just a few blocks from where the "Gang of 19" protest took place July 5-6, 1978. Wade Blank and nineteen activists with disabilities--The Gang of 19--from ADAPT (then known as the American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit) held an overnight city bus "hostage" on the corner of Broadway & Colfax in Denver, Colorado. Those 19 people led by Wade put Denver front and center in disability rights history. Wade Blank founded Atlantis Community just a few years before the Gang of 19 protest. From that protest, ADAPT was formed in 1983...and is still going strong. For more information about the Gang of 19 -

Head over to to see the rest of this year's power box art!

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